Month: September 2017


So you have decided to get married. You have met the love of your life, a person with whom you are going to spend the whole of your journey, a partner who will take care of you at every moment whenever you need it and a brand new family with whom you will be sharing the rest of your life!

Since its a wedding, you set up a budget, book the best Venue or a Hall, if it’s a destination wedding then you hunt for the best hotel that fits into your set budget, a photographer that captures the beautiful moments of the entire wedding and not to forget an event manager who manages all your wedding vendors ! You hire an amazing DJ for all the wedding events, a florist who decorates your wedding Setup and you buy the most gorgeous Wedding outfits from the well known fashion designers !!

By now your Wedding budget is almost crossed or just near to the dead line. But you have missed on this tiny but the most important thing call “WEDDING MAKEUP”.

You may think that’s the last thing to work on after you are near to cross your budget as it’s not a major cost. For few of you’ll it’s Just Makeup that can be done on your own or can hire a local beautician or a makeup lady who will charge them the minimal.

But it’s NOT Just Makeup Ladies !! We are thinking about your FACE, the most important day of your entire life called WEDDING DAY wherein you’re going to be photographed constantly in your, designer lehenga by the top stylist for which you have spent so much! Would you be happy, like when you get the pictures from your photographer and your face is just like ” noooo :(((( ” !!!!

Whenever your guests look at you, the first thing that they’re going to notice is your face. Not your Expensive outfit, flowers, bouquet or your jewellery!! These pictures would remain for decades and your grandchildren might love to see how Beautiful you were on your wedding day!! So even if you don’t wear makeup everyday, or don’t think it matters a lot then Ladies do trust me, it MATTERS TODAY .

We all know that one bride, who looked disgusting on her wedding day or who had so much makeup on that she looked like a CAKE  Ugffff !!!! That one friend whose Bridal makeup was amazing in the morning but by the end of the day it just looked like a blank face ; That one Old aged Colleague who wears the same Blue eye kohl since ages which was suggested to her by one lady at the counter in the mall back in 1990. Surely this is NOT what you want for your wedding makeup, but it’s what you set yourself up for when you cut corners with your beauty budget .

A professional Makeup Artist is not paid for his labour but he’s paid for his Vision “

Well ! First of all, does it REALLY cost so much ??

When you actually stop thinking about what you are getting for the cost, it doesn’t really matter.

If you think Makeup and hair is not so big deal then you may go ahead and hire a cheap, unprofessional makeup artist and stay up all night before your big day wondering if they will actually show up.

Many of the brides have called me on their wedding day saying “my makeup artist ditched at the end moment , could you please come and do my makeup ????

When you hire a CHEAP Makeup artist you might experience the following things:

•Your Makeup will be finished quickly but will look terrible. Like half an hour makeup and you look like a white cake !!

• Your makeup will look amazing but took forever to complete. So much that the wedding time or muhurat is passed and you’re still not there with your groom to marry him !!

• The Makeup Brands or products you see on the table might look like some drugstore products and you just keep wondering how your skin is going to react to these cheaper products!

• Your Makeup Artist might not show up. Why should they?? What’s so much in for them? They’re charging such small amount and stand to make so little, they might just decide they’d rather stay in bed and watch YouTube videos then come to deal with your wedding makeup.

So let’s come to our main topic, Why Wedding Makeup Artists are so much Expensive? Is it worth it ???? Is it Necessary to hire a professional Makeup Artist????

Yess, so when you say a Professional Makeup Artist, it means an artist who is actually skilled, professional and up to date with the latest techniques and fashion.

Lets break this down little more and see what all you really get that costs so much.


On the wedding day it’s so much difficult for the bride to go to the venue and get their makeup done as atleast in India, where we have few rituals that happen before the wedding commences and your family expects you to be a part of it. This is the time when a Professional packs up all the products in her vanity bag, travels all the way to your wedding destination and you just got to sit back, relax in your own space in your home suit or A Bathrobe and get your makeup done in your own comfort zone.

Sometimes many of us travel with the Makeup Kits that are more heavier than our capacity to lift, Stand for hours just to make you look stunning without any break or sitting down for 5min.

Remember my beautiful ladies, it is Your Wedding Day. You need to feel pampered and treated like a Star.

Imagine Kim K or any Celebrity doing their own makeup and hair on the Oscars day. Won’t happen right ????


Would you ever imagine your wedding makeup done by using drugstore products which are easily available in the nearby street market???? Or by using Dupes of the international brands and then just sit and cry the next day for spoiling your own skin ????The answer is obviously NO !

A professional makeup artist do a detailed research on the products they buy ! The cost of these products and brushes in our kits are in thousands of dollars. The Makeup brands that you see in our vanity are mainly International brands, Dermatologically tested, and these would never harm your skin in any way.


You are paying for the training classes we take to keep informed and up to date.

You are paying for our knowledge of what products to use which are CAMERA friendly and which to avoid.

You are paying us to know appropriate makeup for all age groups, different skin types and Skin conditions.

You are paying us for the different Techniques that we’ve mastered in order to ensure your makeup lasts ALL DAY LONG.

You are paying us to know about proper Sanitary conditions and hygiene. Do you think a CHEAP makeup artist would ever care about hygiene and sanitary conditions?


WE SHOW UP ! We take your wedding day very seriously and provide you with the best in a “Luxury” service.

Sometimes we need to miss our Family gatherings, Holidays, Family wedding, or even not think about how unwell we are just not to let down a bride. We very well know our commitments and we always fulfill it except if a condition is so much worse that’s beyond our control. We do it because we LOVE what we do !

As a Freelance Makeup Artists, we set our prices to reflect many things which includes the time spent with you. The time spent on a phone call, texting, emails, Trial sessions, Starbucks or Coffee meetings . Keeping our products neat, clean and well stocked. All of these take time out of our working day and need to be factored into the cost of service.

We need to cover all the other expenses associated with being Self Employed. There are Insurances, Product Cost, Advertising and Promotional costs, Website Update costs and we got to pay the taxes too just like everyone else! This is how we make our living.

Makeup is what we love to do. It’s a hobby but more than that it’s definitely a BUSINESS !

And last but not the least


When you hire a Professional Makeup Artist, you are definitely confident about her existence on your wedding day but your Artist is also Confident about her skills, knowledge and techniques that she will make you look Gorgeous on your Special day !

When a Women looks in the mirror and a tear comes into her eyes and she says:

OMG!! I never knew I could look so Stunning!

You can NOT put a price on that !

Its funny how some brides will spend more on their shoes that will never be seen under their wedding dress but will squawk over spending on their hair and makeup that will be seen in every photo.

This is an Investment.. An Investment in YOU.

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in the world that is high in demand, requires skills, years of experience and a high degree of Integrity and professionalism Will Cost Money !

I know Weddings are quite expensive! I totally understand it. But Nothing is Worse than getting your wedding pictures back and hating them just due to HORRIBLE HAIR AND MAKEUP. Also Never Ever Compromise on your Skin ! As that’s the ONLY important jewellery you’ll always own till the last breath of your life !

“Good work Ain’t cheap and Cheap work Ain’t Good !! “